Walter Dulnigg, an entrepreneur from Graz, has been successful for years with his innovation of administrating Christmas trees using radio microchips. But that wasn’t enough for the inventor, which is why he now produces multimedia stickers and enables customers to have a virtual experience with them. “It’s very simple: you take the sticker and upload your personal message via a free app – no matter whether it’s pictures, an audio sequence or a video, you add emotional value to it. The recipient does not need to do anything other than hold the mobile phone over the sticker – he or she does not need to start an app – the virtual greeting begins automatically,” the inventor says.

With his “Hallotag” stickers, Dulnigg has been a pioneer on the international market for almost a year – not only are the stickers already available in various domestic post offices, but also in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Great Britain, where gifts and letters are decorated with them. And that is just the beginning: “Because we are all forced to keep our distance in times like these, personal messages create closeness again,” he says reporting of children who sing songs on the sticker for the card to grandma, and of business letters with a personal greeting from the boss on the label.

“Companies stick ‘Hallotags’ on products. Their customers are not only positively surprised by a personal greeting, the companies also place additional, interactive information, promotions or competitions their.

Last year, Dulnigg already sold tens of thousands of these stickers, and a volume of several hundred thousand stickers is targeted for the future. “We now have to quickly use our unique selling proposition and dare to take the step into further markets. The InternationalisierungsCenter Steiermark supports us in this.”

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