Stay connected with your loved ones

Relationships are an elementary requirement for all of us to live happily. Positive relationships bring joy, touch and make you laugh and create the feeling of being very close to your loved ones. With our innovation, we want you to stay connected with your loved ones.

Remain memorable

by enhancing your gifts, vouchers, keepsakes etc. with personal, touching emotions such as videos, voice recordings, texts and pictures.

Where is HALLOTAG manufactured?

Hallotag is 100% made in Austria. In the production of the sticker, we also cooperate with regional social institutions.

How does HALLOTAG work?

With the help of the app, the sticker is easily recorded with emotionally touching videos, audios, images and texts.

The person for whom the sticker is intended does NOT need to download or launch an app. He/she simply holds his/her cell phone back over the sticker and the personal, touching wishes and messages are automatically displayed and played. At this moment, the gift or product is associated with the emotions of the video, images and voice recordings.

Who can use Hallotag?

The development was based on the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and is therefore very easy to use for ANY age group. For Business Partners, Hallotag offers a variety of additional product, marketing and service opportunities.


We may introduce ourselves


Walter Dulnigg

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Thomas Schöggl

System Development

Walter Gruber


Notburga Dulnigg


Thomas Gruber


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